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A distinctive take on the well-known word game Wordle is called Backwordle. You have to first invert the Wordle problem in order to succeed. The answer is displayed on the screen as a five-letter target word, and beneath it is a grid of gray and yellow squares showing your previous guesses. Your homework consists of four deductions that lead to the above-mentioned pattern.

How to engage in gameplay
Every task you solve will start you off with all the vowels in the target word shown at once. You can solve the problems in whatever order that is most convenient for you. You'll need to make fewer guesses and incorrect inferences to solve the puzzles in Backwordle if your score is greater. After making a guess, the player receives feedback on how correct it was. The game will display the letters you entered correctly and the one letter you entered incorrectly, which will cost you a point, if you input the wrong word.
You will see that the gray (from before) letters are never included in the guesses that follow yours, but the yellow (from before) letters are. If you are at a loss for words, you might make use of the suggestion function. You will gain from this hint, but you will lose a point for it.

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