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A Diction

Another word game you might like is A Diction. A copy of Wordle that works a lot like the original game. But there are some new features, like idea tools, that have been added. People who love word games and want to practice and boost their language will enjoy this game.

Tips on how to play
Your job in this game is the same as always. It takes six tries for players to guess the five-letter secret word. First, think of any five-letter word that you can think of. After you enter the answer, the game will use the color of the box to show how accurate your guess was.

- That letter is in the right place in the word if it's in a green box.
- In the yellow box, the letter is right, but it's in the wrong place.
- That letter is not in the secret word if it is in the gray box.
- The color of the word can help you get a better answer and find the right secret word. You can also use the game's tips by clicking the light bulb icon below the board if you're having trouble coming up with the answer. Enjoy yourself!

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